MD-12 radar system installed at NREL

MD-12 radar system installed at NREL

The Laufer Radar Systems MD-12 is designed for autonomous operation in challenging clutter and weather environments where reliability and availability are important.


  • Obstruction light control of wind farms, HV wires, bridges, communication towers.

  • DHS 

  • Large area surveillance using multiple radars and proven sensor fusion.

  • Airspace near borders and overland vehicle detection.

  • Monitor restricted airspace around airports for avian or small UAV activities.

  • USCG sites including canals, channels, and hazards. 

  • Small marine craft detection.

  • DoD test ranges (NWC, ATEC, APG, AFDTC) needing inexpensive radar sensors for short range, low altitude, flight test monitoring. 

  • System developers needing a high performance radar sensor but who plan to develop their own user application.